Speed up deliveries

Stop the back and forth

Start developing with Codi

Start coding with Codi

Deliver projects made with code generated by Codi. Speed up your development with an AI assistant that assists in the development process.


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Ask Codi to code

AI Assistant

Ask Codi your queries and get suggestion in seconds.
Codi will assist you with writing code, generating documentation, writing unit-tests and much more!

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Work on separate projects


Projects require a separate codebase. The code generated in the workspace , stays in the workspace.


Custom code

NO more sending code through chat

Share or saving custom code in your chosen workspace

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Apps specific to your business

Codi is proficient in most popular languages and will fit perfectly as an assistant

Add ons included

Add ons like Auto complete, multiple continues make sure you get all the code easily

Separate Projects

Workspaces allow Project Managers to have separate codebase for different projects with different team members


2x faster

Natural language to code makes sure developers do work much faster.

Save time

Faster development means more time for more projects. Fast deliveries and more deliveries in the same time frame.

Cost efficient

A full time developer average salary saved.
Man hours saved = money saved.


No back & forth

Codi has a complete development set, from coding to documentation to testing. The back and forth iterations between development and testing team can be saved.

Onboarding & handover

Going through onboarding can be cumborsome if code is not well documented. Explain the code using Codi and speed up the onboarding and handover process


Integrate withing IDE

Have a favourite IDE to code on? Codi has extensions for popular IDEs that allow developers to stay in the "zone"


Saw something online that might help later? Add Custom code directly from browser extension and share it with your team



Codi never stores any of your personal code context.


Share code with your team securely, not in chat applications.

Restricted access

Share specific code via a link if required. Only people with the link can see it.

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