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Frequently Asked Questions

Get in-depth answers to all your questions about AskCodi and how to use it for your projects.

What is AskCodi?

AskCodi is an AI code assistant that helps you write code faster and with less work. AskCodi provides various applications for code generation, unit test creation, documentation, code conversions etc. AskJarvis is powered by OpenAI Codex, an AI system created by OpenAI. Apart for web app, AskCodi is currently available as extension/plugin for Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio and the JetBrains' IDEs.

How does AskCodi work?

AskCodi understands your comments or code which are then passed through OpenAI Codex to synthesise and suggest individual lines to whole functions output, as per the application being used. The OpenAI Codex used in the background was trained on publicly available source code and natural language, which helps it understand both programming and human languages.

How will AskCodi help me?

The potential for "smarter" software has the power to revolutionise the developer experience. AskCodi can help existing engineers be more efficient and free up their time so they can focus on innovative ideas and new products. We believe AskJarvis can also lower barriers to entry, giving a wider range of people access to the technology and knowledge they need to explore careers in software development.

How can I contribute?

Registering for a free plan is a great way to contribute to AskCodi. You'll help us improve our models, contribute to community codebase and make AskCodi even better.

Does AskCodi write perfect code?

While AskCodi is attempting to parse your code, it may fail, or suggest code that doesn’t work. Our aim is to provide you with more information about how to write the code correctly, but please consider the suggestions with extreme caution. We are not testing the code for you; rather, we are trying to understand your intent in writing the code and suggesting a way that you could phrase it better. As a developer, you will always be responsible for testing and deploying any code written by AskCodi.

How do I get most out of AskCodi?

AskCodi works best on clear understandable statements when user input is in natural language. Apart from that, a clean understandable code in form of small functions with meaningful names are recommended.

What languages and IDEs AskCodi support?

Currently AskCodi supports Visual Studio Code, Sublime text and the JetBrains suit of IDEs. We are constantly developing to bring more integrations. AskCodi supports the most popular languages, libraries & frameworks.

Can I post code suggested by AskCodi to social media?

Absolutely! We want you to share with the world everything AskCodi helps you accomplish. We love seeing what our users create, and we love seeing your posts about it even more! Make sure you tag us in your posts with the hashtag #AskCodi so we can find them, and be sure to invite your friends to try it out too.

Why is AskCodi priced the way it is?

Time vs money is a question as old as time. What is the price of your time? What is the value of a tool that can help you build your startup faster, get to market quicker, or help you land the job of your dreams? What is the price of a tool that can help you save countless hours?

That's why we built AskCodi. We knew that we had something to offer coders just like you—who are looking for ways to speed up their coding and build, ship and iterate faster—to make it easier to understand programming concepts and write better code.

Is AskCodi GDPR compliant?

Yes, AskCodi is in compliance with all GDPR requirements.

Will my code be shared with anyone?

No one but you can see your code. Your private code is encrypted and only saved so you can maintain your own private codebase. Approaching AskCodi this way not only provides a better user experience, but it enables us to better improve our models when we need more data to do so.

Is transmitted data secure?

All data our system sends or stores is transmitted and stored securely. We limit access to our telemetry to individuals on a need-to-know basis. Our inspection of the gathered source code will be predominantly automated, and when humans review it, they are specifically looking for places to improve the model or detect abuse.